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It was announced that McQueen's next project will be 'Twelve Years A Slave', and it will be starring the fantastic, handsome, talented Chiwetel Ejiofor. Today it has been confirmed that Michael will be joining the film making it his third outing with the director. As first reported by Variety, filming will start in early 2012. The film 'Twelve Years' is sadly a true story about Solomon Northup, a free black man in America back in 1841, who was kidnapped from Washington and taken to the slave state of Louisiana to work on a cotton plantation until his freedom in 1853. This is going to be a riveting and emotional film that should conjure up angry feelings in any decent person about this country's ugly past. Being directed by Steve McQueen, and starring outstanding talents like Michael and Chiwetel, it will be an amazing screen battle of who's going to be the stand out actor in this film.

Chiwetel Ejiofor

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2011-10-12 в 11:26 

О, мне нравится этот актер! Я его видела в "Реальная любовь", "грязные прелести", "амистад"

2011-10-13 в 00:24 

natasha785, точно! Он в "Реальной любви" играл мужа Киры. Спасибо что напомнила

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